Our experience at Evolve Physiotherapy has been phenomenal. As a parent of a teen involved in competitive sports I first reached out to Kristin due to a few different injuries that were starting to impact his training/sports pursuits. Kristin treated the different shoulder and neck ailments and explained to him how they were arising from specific structural/muscular deficits. Kristin devised a rehab program that quickly eased him back to training and developed an exercise program to strengthen and correct the underlying issues. Additionally, she helped him develop an individual pre-practice warm-up routine and adjust some of his ‘mandated’ training routines so that he could limit strains/avoid injury while training at high-volumes and loads. He is a far better, more knowledgeable and complete athlete after injury/rehab, than prior to. In addition to treating my son, Kristin also treated me for a knee injury that had progressed from a minor irritant to one that was preventing me from riding. Kristin devised an appropriate rehab/exercise routine that has seen me go from not being able to ride at all to riding 100+ km per week in a couple of months. Throughout all of this Kristin has combined extensive sports + physiology knowledge, compassion, explanation and follow-up. As someone who has many experiences with physiotherapists ranging from alright to great I can say unequivocally that Kristin Gauthier is the best I have ever worked with.